While the JavaScript ecosystem is often criticized for being too complex and/or having way too many dependencies and tools (and rightfully so most of the time), we should keep in mind that most of them are used for a reason: Linters help you prevent and find bugs, bundlers and minifiers improve perf...

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This is the second part of my series about JavaScript Bundling & Building. If you haven't read the first Part yet, go check it out, otherwise the content of this part might not make sense to you.

Bundling Tool Overview

let's start by taking a look at this table:

Feature RequireJS Browser...
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The last few weeks I did a lot of research on the different ways to manage JavaScript dependencies (and bundling them), here is what I found out:

So many ways

Most of the time when writing a project with a lot of JavaScript you'll want to split up the code into multiple files to make the structu...

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When I first started coding JavaScript, I quickly found myself using jQuery because it simplifies a lot of basic tasks ranging from DOM manipulation to animation (which it does rather bad by the way)

But after I got further into JavaScript, I realized that in a lot of cases jQuery is not the bes...

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