Gender-diverse Forms

2017-02-02 |

Notice: if you disagree with the existence of non-binary-identities, this article is not meant to convince you. So you might as well close this tab now instead of sending me a message

With the rise of societies acceptance of trans* and non-binary gender identities, It's time to move away from the "2-genders" mindset - the same goes for web-apps and forms.

How it's been so far:

Most forms currently have a structure similar to this:

Old Gender Form

or this:

Old Gender Form with Radio buttons

As you already might have guessed: You can't possible include all non-binary genders into a list like this. Besides this being impractical to realize UI-wise, having a 80+ item select, this also makes the back-end/storage of the gender way to complex.

A possible solution

So here is my idea how to solve this:

Instead of asking for an explicit gender, simply asking for the preferred pronoun is way easier. While this is obviously a big change, I feel like this would improve inclusion on the web. Here is an example on how this could look:

Form with pronoun-sentence

In this case we use a sentence where we ask for the users pronouns in the subjective and possessive form, allowing us to interact with the user using the correct pronouns.

Names and legal names

In cases where you need the users legal name, for example when sending receipts, including an optional text-field for the legal name is a good idea:

Form with pronoun-sentence and optional legal name

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